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22. Matching Game (Part 1)

In this worksheet, your kids will be asked to identify the objects and then draw a line to connect the…

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21. Coloring: Bird

What animal can fly high? Yes, it’s a bird. Look at the picture! What is the adorable bird looking at?…

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20. Coloring: Banana

You must know banana, right? Yup, banana is the most popular fruits in the world. You can describe to your…

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19. Learning Alphabet: Letter C

It is time to learning alphabet again. Now, we will learning letter c. On these worksheets, help your kids to…

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16. Learning Alphabet: Letter B

In these worksheets, your kids will be able to sound out, write, and recognize the letter b. The letter B…

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14. Coloring: Avocado

Here is our second coloring pages that you can download it for free. I’s avocado. You can tell your kidsĀ a…

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13. Learning Alphabet: Letter A

These worksheets asks your child to practice the letter a uppercase and lowercase. First, they will need to identify it….

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8. Coloring – Apple (Part 2)

What is your child’s favorite fruit? And does he (or she) like apples? Tell him (or her) some benefit of…

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7. Coloring – Apple (Part 1)

Love to color the pictures? Here is a simple -but lovely- coloringĀ apple worksheet that you can download it for free….