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31. Tracing Lines – Garden

How beautiful this garden is! There is flowers, butterflies, grass, and mushroom. Let’s draw straight and curved lines to make…

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30. Tracing Lines – Zigzag

This is a beautiful garden. The butterflies fly in search of flowers. Let’s draw zigzag lines to connect the butterflies…

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29. Tracing Lines: Ambulance

Does your child know what an ambulance is and what it does? This tracing lines worksheet should do the trick….

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10. Tracing Lines – Curved Line

Hi! This time, we will teach our kids to practice tracing curved lines. Preschoolers can use this activity to prepare…

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9. Tracing Lines – Diagonal (Part 1)

Let’s help your preschoolers to become a pro at drawing diagonal lines. This activity is very helpful in preparation for writing…

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6. Tracing Lines – Horizontal (Part 3)

What are these kids doing? Let’s help by tracing the dashed line from left to right. This printable worksheet will…

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5. Tracing Lines – Horizontal (Part 2)

Help your children to develop their pencil control skills which will be helpful when they begins writing their letters. This worksheet…

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3. Tracing Lines – Vertical (Part 3)

Where in the universe these rocket ships heading? Help them rise by tracing the dashed lines from bottom to top. This…

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2. Tracing Lines – Vertical (Part 2)

In winter, you can find snow. Lots of snow. And, did you know? There can be up to 180 billion molecules…

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1. Tracing Lines – Vertical (Part 1)

Encourage your children to develop their pencil control skills which will be helpful when they begins writing their letters. This worksheet will help their…